Queen 4/85: Two of the four Melbourne, Australia shows of April 16, 17, 19, 20

Saw Queen live at the Works tour of 1984/85 - April 1985 to be exact in Melbourne, Australia (just prior to the Live Aid appearance). Went twice. The first night was incredible as Freddie's mike failed at the beginning of Bohemian Rhapsody and the entire crowd sang it for him which was quite remarkable. (I mean the whole first section - so no mike until the rock section after the taped operatics). The 2nd night Freddie turned to a music or radio company rep in the box above the stage just next to him and offered a woman a drink from his jug (water, I think, but probably vodka on reflection). She said something, then he threw the entire jug over her and she screamed out something uncomplimentary and he said "Yes, I knew you were a bitch." And then went into his vocal duet with the crowd. I was deaf for a week after the concert (and I was 20 rows back). They had 144 speakers and I've never experienced a louder concert since (and I've been to Iggy Pop and AC/DC). ATB RD