Pink Floyd 45s

Just thought these were kind of interesting; I came across them at a used record store. Look how short the songs are!! Plus they're on the old "Harvest" label (these are the US versions). "Money"/"Any Colour You Like" probably isn't quite as hard to find since the single got to #13 on Billboard, but I didn't know that "Time"/"Us and Them" was even a single. I also didn't know that "Run Like Hell"/"Don't Leave Me Now" had been released as a single...I'll scan that one later, as well as "Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. II"/"One of My Turns" (which isn't *nearly* as hard to find of course!).

I'm now trying to find one of the first pressings of the "Another Brick..." 45, since it had a Gerald Scarfe drawing on the label like the album did. I remember my babysitter's 45 was like that, and so were the ones down at Pamida, but when my mom bought it for me it only had the generic orange, yucky "Columbia" label. :(

Video concert footage
Some video captures of Pink Floyd in concert that I like
"Brain Damage" video
Stills from the original Pink Floyd "Brain Damage/Eclipse" video/concert-backdrop film
"Welcome to the Machine" video
Stills of animation from the Pink Floyd "Welcome to the Machine" video/concert-backdrop film
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Stills of other rare Pink Floyd footage
Scans of some old Pink Floyd vinyl 45s
Personal concert photos
My own Pink Floyd concert photos from Ames, Iowa, 1994!
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Includes a link to the Pink Floyd RoIo (Recordings of Indefinite Origin) Database (a MUST before purchasing Pink Floyd "imports")
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"People who enjoy the videos of Pink Floyd may also enjoy videos by me" :)
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Scans of ticket stubs from concerts I've been to! (Queen, Stones, Who, etc.)
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