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A family of personal computers originally produced by Commodore Business Machines. Amigas are powerful personal computers that have extra microprocessors to handle graphics and sound generation. The Amiga operating system has had preemptive multitasking since its inception in 1985, 10 years before this feature found its way into Microsoft Windows.

Like older Apple Macintosh computers, the Amiga line of computers is built around the Motorola 680x0 line of microprocessors. Although the Amiga operating system is not compatible with other PC operating systems, such as DOS and Windows, there are emulation programs that enable an Amiga to run PC, Macintosh, and even UNIX programs.

Faced with financial hardships, Commodore sold the Amiga to a German company called Escom AG. Escom, in turn, also went bankrupt. In March, 1997, Gateway 2000 purchased the Amiga design.

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  Amiga Web DirectoryAward Winning Page
The Amiga Web Directory offers a comprehensive collection of Amiga sites on the Web. This site is hosted by the by the Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group and CU-Online.

Amiga Home PageAward Winning Page
Official home page for the Amiga, Inc. Includes news, information about user organizations, developer links, events, and product information.

Yahoo!'s Amiga page
Yahoo!'s directory of links to Amiga. There are links to software, user groups, and other information about Amiga computers.

Amiga Report magazine
Home page for the Amiga Report. This publication has become the de facto standard for online Amiga journalism. Here you can find current news, product reviews and information. You may search recent issues for topics of interest.

Amiga Technologies home page
Home page of Amiga Technologies GmbH , manufacturer of Amiga computers. This page offers links to news, product line, and a multitude of information on the Amiga computer. There is also a link to VIScorp, which acquired Amiga Technologies in June, 1996.

Built with Amiga home page
This site highlights a web-based campaign to promote the Amiga as an Internet computer. It includes specific information on making the Amiga capable of performing tasks required for full Internet use as well as the creation of web pages.

Amiga FAQ and resource page
Contains links to Amiga Mosaic, World Wide Web and TCP/IP FAQs, bibliographic resources, and a FAQ from

Aminet - Amiga software archive
Provides a large collection of Amiga software and links to related sites.

Amiga news
This Amiga news home page, created by an Amiga power user, provides news and product announcement information, along with a list of useful Amiga sites.

Gateway 2000
Gateway 2000's home page. Gateway 2000 is one of the leading manufacturers of PCs and also owns the rights to the Amiga architecture.

Amiga hardware support page
This page, provided by the Champaign-Urbana Commodore User Group, has an extensive list of links to Internet sites that deal with Amiga hardware and technical issues.

THE French Amiga hardware database
All you want to know about the Amiga computer and its hardware environment. logo Copyright (c) 2001 ZDNet and Corp.. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of ZDNet and Mecklermedia is prohibited. ZDNet and the ZDNet logo are trademarks of Ziff-Davis Inc. Webopedia logo is a trademark of Corporation.