"[Laura] is not allowed to counsel patients in her private office, and yet she counsels millions on the airwaves."

[The following is a transcript I made of Dr. Carole Lieberman's terrific speech from a recent "Stop Dr. Laura" protest (previously only available as an audio/video file at the Dr. Lieberman site).]:

"THIS is what happens when you put someone with a Ph.D. in Physiology on the air and let her pretend to be a real doctor. You get ignorance, and prejudice, masquerading as sound professional advice. You get a talk-show host who calls gays and lesbians “biological errors” because she doesn’t have the psychiatric training to know that this isn’t true, nor the compassion to care about how hurtful her pronouncement is to the homosexual community. You get a talk-show host who unconsciously feels that she is a biological error, and projects this onto the people who call her.

Let’s set the record straight once and for all: Dr. Laura is not an M.D. psychiatrist, and not a Ph.D. psychologist. She has a Marriage, Family, and Child Counselors license, which has reportedly not been renewed since 1997. She is not allowed to counsel patients in her private office, and yet she counsels millions on the airwaves. Even Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones, who act like self-appointed psychiatrists and psychologists practicing without a license, don’t call themselves “Dr. Jerry” or “Dr. Jenny.” Yet Dr. Laura perpetrates this fraud, and Paramount is providing her with the opportunity. I call on them to act responsibly by omitting the word “Dr.” from the title of the show, and anywhere else it appears. I call on the California Board of Behavioral Science Examiners to revisit the question of Ms. Schlessinger’s use of the title “Dr.” as false or misleading advertising. And I call on all of you to end this hypocrisy by referring to her as “Ms. Laura” instead, and proclaiming that the empress has no clothes.

Beginning some time ago, I tried to warn people that she is a menace to society, because her lack of insight into herself drives her to use callers to act-out her own problems, rather than to solve theirs. She’s called herself an “orphan” and “only-child,” belying unresolved rage towards her parents and younger sister. She was an outcast growing up. She felt devastated as a teen when she asked, “Daddy, am I pretty?” and he answered a resounding: “No.” This life-changing moment made her feel unlovable, and put her on a treadmill of always trying to prove something. As a psychiatrist, listening to her show is as grating to me as fingernails on a blackboard because she gives out twisted advice and spews forth rage on callers who trigger her painful childhood memories.

Why do people listen to her show?

The answer to this is a dirty little secret no one wants to fess-up to. There’s such an epidemic of abuse - physical, sexual, emotional and by neglect - that it has created a large audience of adults who were abused as children who tune in to hear others get abused. Laura isn’t just a nagging parent as she likes to say…she’s an abusive one. Each time someone calls and gets abused, her listeners feel a certain comfort in that they weren’t the only ones who tried to win-over an abusive parent and failed. But is this healthy? No. Not for the callers, not for the listeners, and now: not for the viewers. My advice to her has been and still is: “Prophet heal thyself before trying to heal the world.” A person can’t just get over a terrible childhood without damaging their life or the lives of those who call them. Today, we all are unfortunately aware of such lives which have been damaged by her. If Laura Schlessinger were truly the religious and spiritual person that she pretends to be, she would not want to spread mean-spritedness throughout the world. In conclusion, despite what the promos of her TV show say, this is not a prescription to improve anyone’s mental, physical, or moral health. Her show is a prescription for disaster, and it must be stopped."

--Dr. Carole Lieberman

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