Featuring Pink Floyd's "Echoes" in its entirety

By Jim Patterson

Requires at least version 8 of the free RealPlayer from Real.com.

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[26 minute, 20 meg RealMedia streaming file, optimized for a 56k connection.]

Click the graphic above to start playing the whole 26 minutes, or click below to play a short clip:

(Begins at about 8:00 in the full-length version.)

(Begins at about 14:10 in the full-lenth version.)

This is something I made back in high school in 1990. It was made using a regular VHS camcorder (with a few built-in effects) and a regular VHS VCR, and edited manually via standard "pause" buttons. This is all basically impossible. ;)

I'm not sure if anything like this has been attempted with VHS before. Keeping the quality from completely degrading during dubbing was the hardest part. One technique used when dubbing was playing the tape in the deck it was recorded in to keep the azumuth, etc. all happy. Plus I had a $25 Radio Shack "enhancer" and an enhancement switch on the camcorder, but that's about it. All the special effects had to be done in the camcorder while filming. Trying to get the edits on exact downbeats of the music with such a cumbersome set-up was like rocket science, and of course the limits on redubbing masters meant there were usually no second chances on the edits.

The movie is basically about school ruining creativity. There are several main symbols throughout: light, water, and electricity. Everything culminates with the twisted "lampshade boy" figure at the end.

Hope you like it. If the site is running slow, please bookmark and try back later! If you're having major trouble connecting then e-mail me and I might have to move the file somewhere else...I've never tried anything on the web with a file this big. If the streaming off the net keeps stuttering for you, you can download the files first and then play them directly off your hard drive (but you have to wait for the whole thing to download before watching it). To do this with Windows: right-click one of the three files below:

Tyr - Whole Movie

Tyr - Clip 1

Tyr - Clip 2

then select "Save Target As". After the file has downloaded, you should just be able to double-click it (it will be named either "TyrCorrectInfo.ram", "TyrClip1.ram", or "TyrClip2.ram" respectively).

1. The master tape wasn't available when I was doing the RealVideo encoding, so there are some "flagging" issues with the tape I used. Eventually I am going to recode using the original tape.
2. A few things you probably can't see because of RealVideo quality: the light snowing during the nature shots beginning at 18:16 (juxtaposed with the lightbulb), the birds at 05:12, and...I'll probably think of more.... There are also a few larger stills from this video at various places on my site. Start at my front page and then go on to the Scans link.
3. Some of the audio gain toward the beginning - notably between the intro and where "Echoes" actually begins - is terrible and I hope to correct this on future transfers.
4. The cheesy end-credits sequence is almost impossible to read with the transfer but I left it anyway. Any info that's halfway interesting I'll probably just put on this webpage.
5. Currently, the full-length movie is encoded with RealVideo 7 but the two smaller clips were made with RealVideo 8.

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