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These are just a few images I made that you can use as an alternate boot screen for your Windows computer.

The pictures look skinny, but are the size Windows requires. Windows will stretch the picture out and enlarge it while booting (this is why the Windows boot screen always looks grainy and terrible! I can't belive Megasoft hasn't fixed that yet...).

To use any of of the images, right-click the image to save it to your hard drive. The name of all the images ends in "logo.sys", but will have a name with a prefix such as "Amiga-logo.sys" when you download. After downloading, delete the first part of the file name so the file is simply "logo.sys". Then, place the file in your C: directory. You will of course have to overwrite the original "logo.sys" file already in your C: directory, so first you may wish to make a copy of the original file. (Note: This is the procedure under Windows 98; please let me know if there is a different procedure under different versions of Windows.)

If you use these and have a web page please give me a link if you don't mind. :) Or if you know of another page with Windows boot screens let me know so I can link to it. Thanks!

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