Thanks for stopping by! This site used to be Jim's Pink Floyd VIDEOS Page, but is under some renovation. Instead of putting poor-quality RealVideo clips of rare videos on this site, I am now concentrating on encoding high-quality versions which I will upload to file sharing services such as Morpheus, Kazaa, etc. The RealVideo versions of two videos I made will still be on this site however, along with some short rare clips.

Personal concert photos!
Scans from snapshots we took at the 1994 Pink Floyd concert in Ames, IA!
My video for "On The Run"
A short video I made in college to the Pink Floyd song from Dark Side of the Moon. [NOTE: Currently down due to server trouble...please check back!]
My video for "Echoes"
A 23+ min. video I made in High School to the Pink Floyd song from Echoes.
Concert footage
Just some video stills of Pink Floyd in concert that I like.
Vinyl 45s
Scans of a couple old Harvest 45s I found at a used record store: "Money"/"Any Colour You Like" & "Time"/"Us & Them".
My Homepage
Pictures, funny links, Commodore Amiga TV commercials, Queen, Kiss, '80s music, etc.

Hey everybody, most of the graphics on this site were made/scanned by me, so please ask before you use them elsewhere (or at least give me a link). Thanks!

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